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6 Interior Design Trends That Don't Cost a Fortune

Find budget-friendly ideas for a home makeover.

Submitted by ScS

The hottest new trends aren’t always affordable. But if you want to give a space an update, rest assured that you can do so on a budget and still be trendy. U.K-based sofa and carpet specialist, ScS, provides six tips from interior designers on renovations to consider.

1. Traditional prints in modern spaces.

Patterned Prints
Photo credit: ScS

2. Curved sofas.

Photo credit: ScS

Curved sofas have been trending in 2020. This style combines a modern look with a comfy twist that can fit into most design styles.

3. Dark kitchens.

Open Room
Photo credit: ScS

Dark colors are growing more popular in the kitchen. Try this trend on a smaller scale by giving your cupboards a new lease on life. Sand them down, and use wood paint to achieve the color you’re looking for. Don’t forget to use a primer and a top coat for the perfect finish, and try changing up your handles to complete the look. Avoid emulsion or generic paints, as these will be too thick and could become gloopy on the wood.

4. Grandmillennial style

Lots of Light
Photo credit: ScS

A design that’s been a hot topic this year is the “grandmillennial style.” Combine classic looks with a contemporary edge. This look can be tailored to every color palette and preference, and it can be done by making just one or two simple swaps.

Replace your flooring with a traditional patterned carpet (pictured the Roger Feels Richmond design from ScS), which can help transform a space. You can make a smaller commitment to this trend by including fringe accessories and velvet furnishings.

5. Contrasting doors

Moody Lighting
Photo credit: ScS

Crisp white walls and other light tones are complemented perfectly by dark woods. This look can easily be achieved by incorporating darker doors. While changing the doors in your home can sound like an expensive job, it doesn’t have to be. But don’t discard your current doors just to achieve a new color.

Remove the doors, and sand them down until they’re nice and smooth. Before painting, apply a primer and top with a hard-wearing top coat to ensure they’re durable against marks and scrapes. If you’re using black paint, don’t forget to apply two or three layers to achieve the rich look you’re after.

6. Fun bathrooms.

Clean White
Photo credit: ScS

While many are turning to funky tiling and walls, it can be an expensive choice. Instead, incorporate bright, patterned accessories, such as bath mats, shower curtains, and mirrors. Finalize the look with an indoor plant and wall prints.


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