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5 Simple DIY Projects for a Fresh Home Update

Makeover a space without breaking the bank.

Home improvement projects don’t have to include knocking down walls or high-priced upgrades. There are several simple, affordable DIY home improvement projects that can give a home an entirely new feeling, says Amber Shay, national vice president of Design Studios at Meritage Homes. Shay offers up her tips for giving a home a fresh update without breaking the bank.

Create a Spa-Like Bathroom 

Most homeowners consider a primary bath as their sanctuary, and this has become even more important with extended time at home. Home buyers also are showing a desire for high-end, hotel-like bathrooms to create a relaxing retreat. 

What you can try: To create a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere, include vintage rugs, art and decor to upgrade the space.

Meritage Home Bathroom
Photo courtesy Meritage Home

Bring the Outside in 

One trend is to add elements from nature throughout the home. 

What you can try: Incorporate natural wood tones, and use plants as accessories. Plants are being used more as decor in bathrooms, too. They’re a beautiful connection with nature inside your home, as they help to purify the air.

Organize the Everyday 

Consumers have become more focused on storage for specific purposes, likely inspired by an array of home organization-themed TV shows. 

What you can try: Organize everyday items like snacks and supplies into specific containers in the pantry. Also, turn storage into a decorative element, such as with containers in fun colors and designs to match the decor scheme.  

Meritage Home Kitchen
Photo courtesy Meritage Home

Paint to Brighten

Paint is always the first thought that comes to mind when deciding how to brighten up a home, and it can be a simple DIY job.

What you can try: A fun, unique idea is to add color to the ceiling, otherwise known as the fifth wall. The ceiling is oftentimes forgotten but can really add interest to a room. Shay recommends colors for the ceiling like Sherwin Williams’ Peppercorn or Tricorn Black.  

Meritage Home Brighten
Photo courtesy Meritage Home

Accessorize Your Space 

Take a room that’s a cold, blank canvas and turn it into one with personal touches. Accessories can help draw attention to areas around a home, add warmth and depth, and make it more personalized.

What you can try: Add color to a room through decorative accessories like pillows, vases or botanicals. These can be found at nearly any home or discount store and can easily be swapped out through the seasons to provide a big design impact. Draperies are another way to incorporate bold colors that make a big impact on the overall look of the room. They provide texture, color and can help set the mood of the room. Artwork—whether purchased or made—is a creative way to add color to a room as well. For example, you can create a wall with framed photographs that you’ve taken over the years or artwork you’ve collected over time. This will help to add interest and a personal touch to your home. 

Meritage Home Accessorize
Photo courtesy Meritage Home

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