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Q&A Corner: 2021 Member Safety Report

On September 14, NAR published the 2021 Member Safety report. The report, in support of the REALTOR® Safety Program, surveyed members about their feelings of safety, their experiences, and precautions they take to protect themselves. More than a decade ago, NAR launched the REALTOR® Safety Program to educate REALTORS® about the potential risks they face on the job. Being aware of potential dangers and empowering themselves with precautions and preparations will help REALTORS® avoid risky situations on the job and could mean the difference between life and death. Each year, NAR dedicates September as REALTOR® Safety Month, though we strongly encourage associations, brokerages and members to keep safety at the forefront of their minds every day of the year

Sidnee Holmes, Research Assistant, was the lead author of the report. In this conversational Q&A, she provided perspectives on the report highlights, insights into the data and the results she found to be most interesting. 

Q:  What questions is this report trying to answer?

Sidnee Holmes: The REALTOR® Safety report aims to address how REALTORS® are remaining safe while working in the field and informing brokerages of where they can improve in empowering their staff to stay safe and aware in their work environment.

Q:  What important trend does this report reflect?

Sidnee Holmes: The REALTOR® safety report demonstrates the consistent trend of REALTORS® taking the initiative in their safety outside of their firms, with self-defense weapons and courses. Staying aware of one's surroundings and having safety protocols in place for showings is also important.

Q: Have there been any notable changes since the last report?

Sidnee Holmes: In comparison to last year's report, 2021 respondents were less likely to have experienced a situation that made them fear for their safety or the safety of their personal information.

Q: What aspects of this report do you find most interesting or surprising?

Sidnee Holmes: One aspect of the report that I found surprising was the low number of brokerages with safety programs and training in 2021.

Q: How can our members use this data?

Sidnee Holmes: Members can utilize this report to help encourage REALTOR® Safety by understanding what resources other REALTORS® use to promote safety and awareness within their respective brokerages, and what options are available to them as individuals.