Quick Takeaways

  • The annual U.S. News and World Report list of best places to live ranks Green Bay, WI as the best place to live in the the US in 2023-2024, while globally Sweden is ranked as the best country to live.
  • The most expensive places to live in the U.S. tend to be in California, while the least expensive places to live tend to be in the Southeast.
  • There are many considerations made when determining where the best place is to live, retire, own a second home, start a business, or raise a family. Those considerations include cost of living, median home price, access to green space, and cost/quality of healthcare.

What makes a location the best place to live, work or retire? These lists will help you determine just that. Among other criteria, they cover which cities are ranked as the safest to live in, which cities have the best job opportunities, and which cities are most family-friendly.

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