Austin Prowant

My journey into real estate all started in 2011 when my daughter was born. After a 20 year successful career in the car business, I decided I couldn’t be the father and husband I wanted to be while working 60-80 workweeks. My wife, Victoria, and I started investing in real estate with the end goal to be able to retire from car business and join my wife in real estate full time. With a lot of hard work and sweat equity, we reached our goal. I was able to retire from the automotive industry and pursue my new dream of real estate. By this time, Victoria had been rising through the ranks in real estate becoming one of the top agents in the state. Having my wife by my side as a trendsetter in the real estate community made my transition much easier. 

I grew up in a challenged environment; learning early that I had to work harder, have determination, and persistence to prevail. My sales career started at the age of 17 selling cars and I was in love from day one. I was blessed with an awesome mentor that took me under his wing and taught me every aspect of the art of selling: listening and taking care of people first. This would become my foundation and through his leadership I was able to advance my career to the top, eventually finishing my career as General Manager of Mercedes-Benz. I held my first General Manager Position by the age of 19. I believe that this event helped me be a good leader over my 20-year career in the industry. I have been able to pay it forward to many young men and women in the automotive industry and look forward to sharing my experiences with my agents to create a customer based experience that will be second to none in the industry. 

I have an advantage from my experience with big-ticket negotiations. Also, I am comfortable working with all types of people, temperaments and situations. These skills I have found have been invaluable in my real estate career. I respect the fact that I’m probably dealing with the biggest investment of my client’s life and that they can feel confident in my abilities to get their home sold or their purchase. 

I’m looking forward to this chapter of my career where I can integrate my family, especially, my wife. We have an ensemble of agents we are very proud of. Through hard work and surrounding ourselves around wonderful talented people that share these same core values and beliefs, we will build a thriving brokerage based on solid principles.