What Requires Login on www.nar.realtor?

Did you know that most of nar.realtor is not password protected? In fact, almost 70% of pages on nar.realtor do not require a login to view, getting you to the news and content you want quickly.

So what does require login?

Sensitive or confidential REALTOR® information requires a password. 

  • Legal Documents and Summaries
  • Association Policies
  • Materials for Association Executives
  • Talking Points

Additionally, you’ll need to log in to nar.realtor to:

  • Register for a conference
  • Explore the Member Center
  • Shop in the REALTOR® store
  • Get consumer content from the REALTOR® Content Resource
  • Access and print research reports

When do I need my NRDS number?

Once you register on nar.realtor with your NRDS number, you’ll sign in with your email address – much easier to remember. However, certain areas of nar.realtor, such as the Member Center, do require you to remember your NRDS number.

How do I find my NRDS number?

Once you've logged into nar.realtor, using your email address, for example, you can find your NRDS number on the My Account page.