Top Five Questions of is a national listings platform owned by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and operated by ePropertyData (ePD) LLC, a Second Century Ventures wholly-owned subsidiary. What does that mean today? After four years of serving thousands of commercial real estate professionals we have received quite a few questions. Here are the answers to the top five questions asked:

#5 “My firm is interested in having its listings displayed on your site. How do we make that happen?”

Answer: Data content provider (DCP) agreements are available without a fee to assist commercial real estate firms, commercial information exchanges (CIEs), and multiple listings services (MLS) in aggregating and uploading active listing data to If you are a commercial real estate firm, CIE or MLS, email to request a data content provider agreement.

#4 “I don’t want to spend time looking at property that’s either under agreement or sold. How up-to-date are listings?”

Answer: data is refreshed by data content providers throughout the day keeping listings fresh every few hours. also offers individual accounts for brokers to load their listings manually. Brokers with these individual accounts are expected to maintain the accuracy of those listings. If you are operating an individual account on and would like to have your listings uploaded through a feed, contact us at for a consultation.

#3 “I created an account but I am unable to enter my listing data. What do I do now?”

Answer: In this case, it is likely that the user already has their listings on the site via a data feed. When creating an account on, users are asked to specify a CIE, MLS or firm from the dropdown list of data content providers IF they are a client of one of those entities (if you are not you simply specify ‘other’.) If the user is a client of one of the data content providers they will not be able to upload listings manually. By doing this, avoids the possibility of duplication of active listings data.

#2 “I would like more photos/marketing tools/printable demographic reports/page hits for my listings on When will those be made available?”

Answer: In its current form, provides the search and display of commercial real estate listings at no cost to REALTORS®. In order to provide additional enhancements on the site, should reach a tipping point of active listings. We’re almost there! The greater the participation on the site, the faster we all reach our goal of a cost effective, fully-enhanced national platform for marketing commercial listings.

#1 “How do I get my listings on”

Answer: There are two ways to get your active listings on

  1. Check the CommercialSource list of data content providers at If your CIE or MLS is listed, your commercial real estate listings are already aggregated and fed to for search and display. Or you can
  2. Go to and click on ‘Create an Account’. Once your account is approved you will be able to create a broker-load account where you can upload and manage your listings as well as create a broker profile.

Keep the questions coming and send them to or use our contact form at

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