NAREB Issues Report on "State of Housing in Black America"

Last week, the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) issued a first ever report on the “State of Housing in Black America.” This comprehensive discussion of recent housing trends in the African American community documents the dramatic reduction in the homeownership rate and loss of wealth for African American families. The extensive data included in the report outlines this impact and the prospects for recovery for these families and in these communities. 

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (whose members are known as Realtists) is the nation’s largest African American trade association and its membership includes many active REALTORS®. In recent years NAR and NAREB  have worked together on various pieces of housing legislation and advocacy. NAREB’s 2011-13 President Julius Cartwright was a keynote speaker at the REALTOR Rally in 2012. NAREB is a partner with NAR in the Homeownership Matters Campaign and in the Coalition for Sensible Housing. 

This report will be reviewed by several NAR committees to identify how REALTORS® and Realtists can work together to improve the opportunities for homeownership and recovery, particularly for this extremely hard hit community.

Read the report.