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Did you know that most of nar.realtor is not password protected? In keeping with web trends and user feedback, we opened up our site so you don't have to sign in to view most content on nar.realtor. In fact, almost 70% of pages on nar.realtor do not require a login to view, getting you to the news and content you want even faster.

So what does require login on nar.realtor?

Sensitive or confidential REALTOR® information requires a password. 

  • Legal Documents and Summaries
  • Research Reports
  • Association Executive Documents

When do I need my NRDS number?

Once you register on nar.realtor with your NRDS number, you’ll sign in with your email address – much easier to remember. Only when registering for certain other services outside of nar.realtor will you have to remember your NRDS number.

What about single sign in or social sign in?

We think it's a great idea, too! If you’re unfamiliar, single or social sign in allows a user to connect to multiple password-protected sites by entering sign in information that another network, like Google or Facebook, has already verified. While it’s not a capability just yet, it’s a capability we’re exploring for nar.realtor and may launch in the future.

Other NAR Web Properties

NAR is affiliated with numerous additional web properties that you can get to via nar.realtor, but they are separate sites and their password permissions are controlled separately.

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