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Living the Good Life in Another Land

February 7, 2014

Who hasn’t dreamed at some point in their adult lives about retiring in another country? You’re on vacation in Italy, the Caribbean, Mexico, Ireland—wherever your favorite place is—and you’re struck by the pleasant climate, friendly people, relaxed atmosphere or beautiful surroundings. While you’re in the town square you stop and window-shop for properties in a real estate company’s storefront. Then you go home and put the dream on a back burner.

But times are changing. Today, more and more people are taking the plunge or seriously considering retiring abroad. Canadians and Europeans have been doing it for decades. Retired Canadian snowbirds and Brits have been buying homes in Florida for a long time. Northern Europeans have long been attracted to the climate of the Mediterranean.

More Americans are also jumping on board, partly because they don’t think they’ll be able to stretch their retirement savings to maintain their desired quality of life. The good life with less expensive health care may be more affordable south of the border or in other ports of call.

This issue of Global Perspectives looks at retiring abroad from a global perspective. You’ll learn about the major trends and what is driving them, the ways in which developers and countries are courting retirees, and the top international retirement locations. You’ll also learn more about how to go after this business. So kick back and get comfortable while we look for paradise.