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A Global Agent's Guide to Online Marketing

March 28, 2013

Marketing is an essential component of every global agent’s success. But technology has changed—and continues to change—virtually every aspect of how marketing is done in the real estate industry, upending traditional techniques and forcing agents to learn the new rules of the game. And the pace of change keeps accelerating. Like it or not, the last website you built may now be woefully inadequate in the eyes of clients and search engines alike.

But if online marketing presents challenges, it also offers opportunities. Once you understand what is required to successfully capture the attention of search engines and online visitors, you can effectively “own” whatever market niche you set your sights upon. And it doesn’t require a large budget or any paid advertising.

What is required is a website that is optimally designed for global traffic (discussed in the last issue of Global Perspectives), coupled with a steady stream of original content and online networking—the topics addressed on the following pages.

Inside, you’ll find much more than online marketing theories and basic advice. Rather, you’ll gain detailed, practical tips on developing and promoting your content, specifically appropriate for global agents. If you still have questions about blogging, social networking, or related topics please send them to so we can consider them for future issues of Global Perspectives.