Appraisal of Real Estate Offices & Selling Your Book of Business

Quick Takeaways

  • Taking a “holistic view” of succession planning, including current and future goals, will ensure that your business is set up for success
  • Make sure to clearly define position vacancies and necessary skills/competencies
  • Successful succession planning is closely tied to your business goals at every step of the way

Source: Professional & Organizational Development (University of Washington Human Resource)

While valuing your real estate career in any concrete, numerical way can be a tough task, determining the value of your business can be done through appraisal. Appraising your real estate office is important for many reasons, one of which is determining the value at which you may want to sell it for some day.

A good website requires a great deal of work – both creatively and through maintenance. When you are ready to move on, don’t simply let your website fall into disrepair and error messages. Websites are often worth money, especially if your website creates revenue via advertisements.

Succession planning is an important element to any successful business plan, and though it may seem like a far away, future event, it should be on your mind at each phase of your career. Succession planning involves identifying the critical needs of your business, including positions, skills, talent, and staff duties.

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