New Overviews Available for NAR Legal Programs

Read and share these informative program overviews, written specifically for AEs.

Apply to Support Smart Growth in Community Efforts

Apply for a smart growth grant to ensure that REALTOR® voices are heard on growth and development issues.

You can apply to support Smart Growth for the 21st Century virtual or in-person training, forums, visioning sessions, research, planning and zoning changes, and more. 

Share Successful DEI Programs

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The REALTOR® Association Resource Exchange is seeking documents and resources related to successful DEI programs or initiatives that meet the new advocacy, consumer outreach, and unification requirements of the core standards.

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Association Management Toolkits

This collection of toolkits was created to help with an array of management functions to keep your association running smoothly. Access the toolkits mentioned in the video:

The Answer Book

The Answer Book is designed to be the first place that REALTOR® association executives and leadership turn to for their primary REALTOR® association management needs, and it is the primary reference for the REALTOR® Association Management Self-Study Course, and the REALTOR® association Certified Executive (RCE) examination.

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New Member Orientation

Online Orientation materials for 2020 are now available!

AE MVP Program

NAR's Member Value Plus program features exclusive monthly MVP offers for Association Executives. AEs can earn rewards for themselves or their association, and in some months, AEs will be able to earn a reward that each member of their association can redeem.

RARE Database Now Updated!

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The REALTOR® Association Resource Exchange (RARE) database, recently updated with an improved user interface, is a platform for REALTOR® Association Executives to share and request documents and resources, including sample job descriptions, strategic plans, mission statements, policies, and other documents.

Questions regarding RARE may be directed to Andrew Scoulas.

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Law & Policy Resources