What It Is

Your association can’t satisfy all of members’ needs all of the time. In fact, it's impractical to think the more services, offerings, programs you offer, the more valuable you are.

It's impossible to do everything well. But there are some areas of your business where you excel. If you link up what members need most with what you do well, you are on the right track to developing a rationale that will help you answer "Why do I belong to this association?”

Many AEs wonder if they can use a value proposition as a selling tool. YES you can! While your members are typically the primary audience for your value proposition, the message will be equally relevant to prospective members. A relevant value proposition will help convey why a real estate professional is better “with you” than “without you”. 

Why Communicating Your Unique Value Matters

All associations make efforts to do good work that add value to members. A value proposition simply helps associations communicate what they do to positively impact the member’s business. In short, a value proposition:

  1. Shows members that the association provides unique programs and services they can’t get anywhere else.
  2. Helps staff and volunteer leaders communicate the association’s value to members in a unified way.