Updating NRDS

Member records are updated on the NRDS system, NAR’s Internet-based database. Points of Entry, which in most cases are the local associations and sometimes the state associations, are responsible for maintaining the records with their adds, drops, and changes. State and national associations pull this data from NRDS on a regular basis so that all three levels of the organization use the same data for member records.

Local association dues are due to NAR by January 1 of each year. NAR pulls active counts from NRDS as of March 31 and compares them with the amounts received from the local associations to determine which associations have dues outstanding. It is up to the local association, or the association acting as their Point of Entry, to make sure all adds, drops, and changes are current in the NRDS system, as they are the only ones who can update those member records. Members can also access their NRDS record on nar.realtor to update personal information such as home address, phone numbers, e-mail address, Web site URL, etc.

Whenever a member record or office record is changed, the primary and secondary (if any) local associations as well as the state association will be notified via email the next day about what was changed, when, and by whom.



Find NRDS ID online using NRDS recovery tool. Your NRDS ID can also be found on the mailing label of your REALTOR® Magazine and your membership card.

Library & Archives

NAR's Library & Archives offers a variety of research services and thousands of print and digital resources for use by NAR members.