NAR Organizational Alignment - Core Standards FAQ Supplement - July 3, 2014

Note: These additional FAQs supplement the June 2014 FAQs available on and are incorporated into that document.

2.4.1 What must the state association do to determine whether local associations’ policies and procedures conform to local, state and federal laws?

It is not contemplate that state associations will be responsible for ensuring that local associations’ policies and procedures do not violate all potentially applicable laws and regulations. The state association will need to verify that state and federal tax returns have been filed, and that any other required corporate filings have been made. (Added 7.3.14)

2.7 Is there an ongoing professional development requirement for associations ‘ chief paid staff member?

Yes, each year the association’s chief paid staff officer must complete at least six (6) hours of REALTOR® association professional development. Training meeting the requirement is available annually at the NAR Association Executives Institute. Similar programs are available in many states. Receipt of the RCE designation is also deemed to satisfy the requirement – but only for the year in which it is received by the chief paid staff member. (Added 7.3.14)

4.9 What must the strategic plan include to meet the Core Standards?

Strategic plans must satisfactorily address the Advocacy and Consumer Outreach components of the Core Standards to qualify. (Revised 7.3.14)

4.12 Our association has strong, collegial relationship with the state association. However, we are also competitors when it comes to offering certain products, services and benefits to members. Our plans for new offerings are incorporated in our strategic plan or, in some cases in our business plan. We do not want to share that information with the state association or with other competitors. Do the Core Standards require us to make these plans available to the state association?

The short answer is no. Strategic and/or business plans will be reviewed at the national level only and will not be made available to the state association or to any other association in your state. Association executives from other states and members of the NAR Finance Committee may be involved in reviewing those documents to ensure compliance with the Core Standards, but they will be required to respect your association’s confidentiality. (Added 7.3.14)

5.5.1 What are the consequences of including only our local PAC on our members’ dues billing statements?

Failure to include RPAC contributions on members’ dues billings will result in the association having to write a check for the full amount of the NAR-established RPAC goal payable to the NAR PAF (Political Advocacy Fund). (Added 7.3.14)

10.1.1 Are we required to share our state and/or federal tax returns with the state association or with the NAR?

No. Documentation confirming that the required returns have been filed such as a letter from the association’s CPA, accountant, tax preparer or the treasurer will satisfy the requirement. (Added 7.3.14)

10.1.2 Our association commonly files for one or more extensions for filing our state and/or federal tax returns. What do we do if we haven’t filed the current years returns when it’s time to demonstrate compliance with the Core Standards?

Documentation confirming filing of the most recent returns (see FAQ 10.1.1) will satisfy the requirement. (Added 7.3.14)