Pacific West Association of REALTORS®

Describe the initiative and purpose

Our Association decision to aggressively encourage online dues payment was motivated by the desire to increase efficiency and participation in the online process, while saving more than XX dollars. In addition we wanted to brand our system, ezPay. We created an amusing profile of two REALTORS®; one whose association did not offer ezPay online dues payment system, causing him to search for a lost paper bill and find it after the dues deadline had passed. The other is a PWR member who uses the ezPay dues payment system and pays quickly, conveniently and on time.

What method of communication or format/vehicle did your association use?

Recorded video vignette. See it below or on YouTube.

What is the frequency of the communication?

The character, Dudley, was created as the non-PWR member who faces challenges because he doesn’t have the high quality services of PWR. This was our first effort, however, we will continue to use Dudley as a tool for message development and delivery, but we will change the subject matter.

How did you measure the success of this initiative?

Our “Dudley ezPay Dues” campaign is considered successful because we achieved more than 1,000 views of the video per week at the height of dues season, more than 11,000 members used the ezPay system – a xn% increase over the previous year, and we saved xn $$$ during the dues payment notification process.

What improvements can be made?

We will continue to tweak our messaging using the Dudley character to inspire action. We could have clarified our call to action, e.g. showing the ezPay system, and how and where it appears on our website.

Tips / Suggestions for other AEs

Brainstorming with a diverse group is crucial in order to achieve humor. Create an in-house focus group for broad-based input before you begin. It is helpful to have someone with a background in television writing and / or production to turn your concept into a workable video script.

Submitted by:
Mark Epstein
Pacific West Association of REALTORS®
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