The behavior of your directors establishes the leadership culture of your association. In the strongest boards we’ve encountered, the following behaviors are in place:

  • Directors develop and maintain sound relationships and work cooperatively and respectfully with the board chair, other board members and association staff.
  • Directors accept appointment to board committees or as liaison to other components or outside organizations and keep the board informed of the progress and goals of those entities.
  • Directors represent the organization in a positive and supportive manner at all times and in all places; being careful not to speak for the organization without appropriate authority.
  • Directors serve as a resource in identifying trends, issues, opportunities, and challenges facing the association and membership.
  • Directors Inform the board of all actual and potential conflicts of interest relating to the general purposes and activities of the association and to specific issues before the board.
  • Directors refrain from using a position on the board for personal advantage or the advantage of any special interests inside or outside of the association.
  • Directors identify, recommend and mentor future leaders.
  • Board members are encouraged to be role models by investing in RPAC.
  • Board discussions address what needs to happen next, rather than on what has already been done.
  • There is an emphasis on using information, not collecting it.
  • Policy-making is encouraged as opposed to political behavior.
  • Volunteers and staff leadership collaboratively assume accountability for delivering value, in an honest, open and well-informed partnership.
  • Mistakes are seen as a natural result of risk taking and innovation.
  • Dishonesty or manipulation are never acceptable.

Background on Board Governance and Cultural Expectations, Board Responsibilities & Board Performance by Bob Harris


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