Getting Started

The REALTOR® Association Models Planning Tool simplifies the tasks of association self-evaluation and planning for enhanced member service though the use of three models of association management: Administrative, Management, and Leadership.

How? First you’ll enter thoughtful answers to the online self-evaluation questionnaire. Then, the results report automatically generated from the questionnaire will provide you with a set of tools to grow your association.

In fact, the Models Planning Tool can be used over and over again several ways:

  • To assess the association's current operating philosophy
  • To identify where the association would like to be
  • To align leadership and staff expectations
  • To identify your professional career planning and development goals
  • To serve as an annual strategic planning tool
  • To help assess specific programs or operations within you association
  • To serve as a structural audit tool for association reorganization
  • To help develop or modify an AE job description
  • To provide a needs assessment for AE search committees in hiring AEs.

When to use the Models Planning Tool:
For examples on how and when associations might use the REALTORS® Association Models Planning Tool, view these case studies.

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This assessment is a tool that will help provide guidance in the delivery of products, services, programs, and value to the association. This assessment is only one tool that should be used to examine expectations and responsibilities for the association and its volunteers and key staff leader.