AEC Work Groups for 2023

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AEC / Association Diversity Work Group

Work Group Purpose:

Provide guidance, tools, and resources to help association leaders adopt and/or create a culture that embraces DEI principles and policies; support efforts to implement the NAR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan.


Leslie Frazier, RCE
Virginia Association of REALTORS®
phone: 804-264-5033

Vice Chair

Christina Smalls, RCE (Chief Operating Officer)
Arizona Association of REALTORS®
phone: 602-248-7787

Staff Executives

Krystal Allen
National Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 312-329-8514

Ryan Davis 
National Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 312-329-8692

Work Group Members

Ryan Adams (VP of Government Affairs)
Birmingham Area AOR (AL)
phone: 205-871-1911

Linda Arcouette, RCE (CEO)
Kent Washington Assn of REALTORS® (RI)
phone: 401-885-9300

Ana Becerra (AE)
Greater Lewisville Assn of REALTORS® (TX)
phone: 972-221-4606

David Belew, RCE (EO)
Upstate Alliance of REALTORS® (IN)
phone: 260-426-4700

Crystal Berger, RCE (Communications Dir.)
North Central Jersey Assn of REALTORS® (NJ)
phone: 973-425-0110

Michelle Bradley (External Affairs Sr. Coordinator)
Chicago Association of REALTORS® (IL)

Cindy Butts, RCE, CAE (State AE)
Connecticut Association of REALTORS®
phone: 860-290-6601

Freddimir Garcia (DE&I Officer)
Hudson Gateway Assn of REALTORS® (NY)
phone: 914-681-0833

Anne Gardner, RCE, CAE (CEO)
Cape Fear REALTORS® (NC)
phone: 910-762-7400

Mandy Gomez (Community Outreach Chair)
Klamath County Assn of REALTORS® (OR)
phone: 541-882-2528

Shannon Harner, RCE (CEO)
Southeastern Border Assn of REALTORS® (MI)
phone: 734-242-6866

Tessa Hultz, RCE, CAE (CEO)
Long Island Board of REALTORS® (NY)
phone: 631-661-4800

Sarah Kerby (Executive Assistant)
Bluegrass REALTORS® (KY)
phone: 859-276-3503

Nick Kremydas, RCE (State AE)
South Carolina Association of REALTORS®
phone: 803-772-5206

Tonya Lisath (AE) 
Southwest Los Angeles AOR (CA)
Phone: 310-216-6781

Peggy Llagas (CEO)
Guam Association of REALTORS®
phone: 671-477-4271

Charay Palmer, RCE
Egyptian Board of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 618-364-0046

John Petrack, RCE (EVP)
REALTORS® Assn of Metropolitan Pittsburgh (PA)
phone: 412-563-5200

Mikesa Ponder (Mktg / Events Director)
Howard County Association of REALTORS® (MD)
phone: 410-715-1437

Anne Rendle, RCE (CEO)
Core Association of REALTORS® (NJ)
phone: 609-392-3666

Cheritta Smith
Burbank Association of REALTORS® (CA)
phone: 818-845-7644

Geilia Taylor (Dir of Comm Engagement/Diversity)
Atlanta REALTORS® Association (GA)
phone: 404-250-0051

Teresa Tilton, RCE (Director of Prof Svcs)
New Jersey Association
phone: 609-341-7100

Rachel Tristano, RCE CAE (CEO)
South Shore REALTORS® (MA)
phone: 781-826-5139

Mike Valerino, RCE, CAE (CEO)
Akron Cleveland AOR (OH)
phone: 216-901-0130

Kaaren Winkler, RCE (CEO)
Montana Association of REALTORS®
phone: 406-443-4032

Christine Wren (Special Programs Lead)
Austin Board of REALTORS® (TX)
phone: 512-454-7636

Jennifer Zeller, RCE (Chief Operating Officer)
phone: 937-223-0900

AEC / Local and State Partnership Work Group

Work Group Purpose

Examine AE partnerships between local and state associations and determine how to strengthen and enhance relationships to ensure greater cooperation, alignment, and support.  Create a healthy and productive partnership model to ensure association success, respect, and understanding.


Tricia Thomas, RCE (CEO)
Bay East Association of REALTORS® (CA)
phone:  925-730-4060

Vice Chair

Tyrone Adams, RCE, CAE (State AE)
Colorado Association
phone: 303-790-7099

Staff Executives

Cynthia Bair
National Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 312-329-3280

Lisa Calarco, RCE, CIPS, AHWD
National Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 312-329-8246

Work Group Members

Gavin Blair, RCE (State AE)
Iowa Association
phone: 515-453-1064

Andrea Bushnell, RCE (State AE)
North Carolina Association
phone: 336-294-1415

Stephanie Carter, RCE (AE)
Edmond Board of REALTORS® (OK)
phone: 405-348-3032

Danielle Clermont (Chief of Operations)
Miami Association of REALTORS® (FL)
phone: 305-468-7000

Pamela Croke, RCE (CEO)
Bucks County Assn of REALTORS® (PA)
phone: 215-956-9176

Laura Crowther, RCE (CEO) 
Coastal Carolinas Assn of REALTORS® (SC)
phone: 843-626-3638

Amanda Fowler (AE)
Northwest Mississippi Assn of REALTORS®
phone: 662-449-3553

Jarrod Grasso, RCE
New Jersey Association
phone: 609-341-7100

Rebecca Grossman, RCE
Scottsdale Area Association (AZ)
phone: 480-945-2651

Richard Haggerty
Hudson Gateway Association (NY)
phone: 914-681-0833

Eric Hash, RCE (EO)
Harrisonburg Rockingham AOR (VA)
phone: 540-433-8855

Jessica Hickok, RCE, CAE (State AE)
Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®
phone: 405-848-9944

Emily Horn, RCE
California Association of REALTORS®
phone: 213-739-8200

Jeffrey Lasky, RCE (CEO)
North Shore-Barrington AOR (IL)
phone: 847-480-7177

Duncan MacKenzie, RCE (State AE)
New York State Association
phone: 518-462-0300

Sean Martin (CEO)
Tacoma Pierce County AOR (WA)
phone: 253-473-0232

Josh McFall, RCE, CAE (EO)
Minnesota REALTORS®
phone:  952-935-8313

Roger Nelson (CEO)
West & SE REALTORS® of the Valley (AZ)
phone: 480-477-5882

Colleen Pappas, RCE (CEO)
REALTOR® Assn of Central Massachusetts
phone: 508-832-6600

Dan Sale, RCE, CAE (CEO
St. Louis Association of REALTORS® (MO)
phone: 314-576-0033

Carol Seal, RCE (CEO)
Greater Chattanooga AOR® (TN)
phone: 423-698-8001

Angela Shields, RCE, CAE (State AE)
Tennessee Association of REALTORS®
phone: 615-321-1477

Wendy Spencer (CEO)
Bismarck Mandan BOR (ND)
phone: 701-255-0712

Derek Sprague
Bakersfield Assn of REALTORS® (CA)
phone: 661-635-2300

Ryan Swinney, RCE (State AE)
Nebraska REALTORS® Association
phone: 402-323-6500

Mike Theo, RCE
Wisconsin REALTORS®
phone: 608-241-2047

Markita Walcott (EO)
Camden Charlton County BOR (GA)
phone: 912-882-5806

Stephanie White, RCE (CEO)
Mobile Area Assn of REALTORS® (AL)
phone: 251-479-8654

AEC / New AE Orientation Work Group

Work Group Purpose

Review NAR’s current New AE Orientation and provide input on the program format and curriculum to ensure that NAR delivers valuable information and resources to assist AEs in their new positions.


Amanda Creel, RCE, CAE
Birmingham Area AOR (AL)
phone: 205-871-1911

Vice Chair

Brian Toohey, RCE (CEO)
Columbia Board of REALTORS® (MO)
phone: 573-446-2400

Staff Executives

Krystal Allen
National Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 312-329-8514

Renee Holland
National Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 312-329-8545

Work Group Members

Brendan Bailey, RCE (CEO)
REALTOR® Assn of Pioneer Valley (MA)
phone: 413-785-1328

Jean Beck, RCE (CEO)
Hilton Head Area REALTORS® (SC)
phone: 843-842-2421

Alice Clark, RCE (AE)
New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®
phone: 504-885-3200

Michelle Mills Clement, RCE, CAE (CEO)
Chicago Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 312-803-4900

Lorri Edwards, RCE (AE)
Columbus Board of REALTORS® (GA)
phone: 706-323-1701

Jennifer Foutch, RCE, CAE
Baldwin REALTORS® (AL)
phone: 251-947-3777

Cade Fowler, RCE (AE)
Lubbock Association of REALTORS® (TX)
phone: 806-795-9533

Lyn Gotwalt, RCE (AE)
Centre County AOR (PA)
phone: 814-238-7622

Sharon Halperin (EO)
Oak Park Area Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 708-386-0150

Beth Hansen, RCE, CAE (State AE)
Mississippi AOR
phone: 601-932-9325

Vernon Jones, RCE, CAE (Chief Operating Officer)
Nexus Association of REALTORS® (NJ)
phone:  856-428-1013

Suzan Koren (CEO)
Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® (CO)
phone:  970-223-2900

DaVina Lara (CEO)
Bridge Association of REALTORS® (CA)
phone: 510-848-4288

Nancy Lawson, RCE (AE)
Mountains to Shore Board of REALTORS® (ME)
phone: 207-230-8527

Mona LeBleu, RCE (EO)
Kerrville Board of REALTORS® (TX)
phone:  830-896-1255

Jorge Ledesma (CEO)
Greater Bergen REALTORS® (NJ)
phone: 201-244-7000

Mandi Meador, RCE (CEO)
Greater Tulsa Association of REALTORS® (OK)
phone: 918-663-7500

Chuck Michaels, CAE (CEO)
Pensacola Association of REALTORS® (FL)
phone:  850-434-5507

Misty Miller, RCE (EO)
Ashland Bord of REALTORS® (OH)
phone: 419-281-2700

David Bo Patten, RCE (CEO)
Williamson County Assn of REALTORS® (TN)
phone: 615-771-6845

Billie Prater, RCE (AE)
Piedmont Regional AOR® (SC)
phone: 803-329-2030

Libby Sheard (AE)
Little Rock REALTORS® Association (AR)
phone: 501-225-1987

Brent Swander, RCE (CEO)
Columbus Association of REALTORS® (OH)
phone: 614-465-4000

Patrick Wallace, RCE (EO)
Central Valley Association of REALTORS® (CA)
phone: 209-858-1700

Cynthia Walsh, RCE (CEO)
Brunswick County Assn of REALTORS® (NC)
phone: 910-754-5700

Christina Wereski, CAE (Sr. Managaer PD)
Chicago Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 312-803-4900

Suzanne Westrum, RCE (CEO)
Prescott Area Association of REALTORS® (AZ)
phone: 928-445-2663

James Wetzel, RCE (CEO
Virginia Peninsula Association of REALTORS®
phone: 757-599-5222

AEC / Reimagine Core Standards Work Group

Work Group Purpose

Conduct a comprehensive review of the current Core Standards program and determine whether revisions are necessary and/or if there are other options for ensuring that associations continue to meet basic standards for serving our members.  


Travis Kessler, RCE, CAE (State AE)
Texas Association of REALTORS®
phone: 800-873-9155

Vice Chair

Katie Shotts, RCE
Memphis Area Association of REALTORS® (TN)
phone: 901-685-2100

Staff Executives

Dan Doepke
National Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 312-329-8410

Andrew Scoulas
National Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 312-329-5974

Work Group Members

Wyndi Austin, RCE, CAE (CEO)
Ventura County Coastal Association of REALTORS® (CA)
phone: 805-981-2100

Michael Barr, RCE, CAE (CEO)
Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association (NC)
phone: 336-854-5868

Rob Campau, RCE (State AE)
Michigan Association of REALTORS®
phone: 517-372-8890

Tiffany Claxton-Standley, RCE (CEO)
Spokane Association of REALTORS® (WA)
phone: 509-326-9222

Casie Conlon, RCE (CEO)
Central Oregon Association of REALTORS®
phone: 541-382-6027

Lance Evans, RCE (CEO)
Jefferson Lewis Board of REALTORS® (NY)
phone: 315-782-1322

Lynda Fernandez, RCE (CEO)
Hudson Gateway Association of REALTORS® (NY)
phone: 914-681-0833

Megan Foos, RCE (CEO)
Northwest Ohio REALTORS®
phone: 419-535-3222

Kathy Harbaugh, RCE (SVP, Internal Financial Relationships)
Indiana Association of REALTORS®
phone: 765-461-3446

Kenneth Hogan, RCE, CAE (EO)
Abilene Association of REALTORS® (TX)
phone: 325-692-9821

Judy Jackson, RCE (CEO)
Northern Arizona Association of REALTORS®
phone: 928-779-4303

Nancy Donahue-Jones, RCE, CAE (State AE)
Hawaii Association of REALTORS®
phone: 808-733-7060

Deb Junkin, RCE (State AE)
Georgia Association of REALTORS®
Phone: 770-453-1831

Chuck Kasky, RCE
Maryland REALTORS®
phone: 800-638-6425

Jakeeva Lee (Dir. Of External Affairs)
Chicago Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 312-803-4900

Kevan Lyons, RCE (CEO)
REALTORS® of Central Colorado
phone: 719-539-3381

Kim McCoy, RCE (VP, Operations/Mbr Svcs)
Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 630-324-8400

Nicole Murray, RCE (AE)
Pocono Mountains Association of REALTORS® (PA)
phone:  570-424-8846

Sarah Rayne, RCE, CAE (CEO)
Howard County Association of REALTORS® (MD)
phone: 410-715-1437

John Riley, RCE, CAE (CEO)
Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS® (SC)
phone:  843-760-9400

Sharon Sample, RCE (VP, Bd Svcs/Programming)
Ohio Association of REALTORS®
phone: 614-228-6675

Suzanne Silva, RCE (CEO)
Greater Providence Board of REALTORS® (RI)

Katherine Smith (VP, Operations/PS Admin)
Birmingham Area Association of REALTORS® (AL)
phone: 205-871-1911

Sharon Smith, RCE (CEO)
Quad City Area REALTORS® (IA)
phone: 563-355-6655

Ryan Tucholski, RCE, CAE (CEO)
West Volusia Association of REALTORS® (FL)
phone: 386-774-6433

Shari Veldman, RCE (EO)
Commercial Alliance of REALTORS® (MI)
phone: 616-301-1771

AEC / AExperience Magazine Editorial Board

Work Group Purpose:

Review each issue of AExperience Magazine and provide critical feedback; propose story ideas and industry contacts to interview; stay in touch with fellow AEs to scout out new programs or products that the AE community should know about.


Kim Pontius, RCE
Aspire North REALTORS® (MI)
phone: 231-947-2050

Staff Executive

Stacey Moncrieff
National Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 312-329-8496

Work Group Members

Kimberly Cox 
Ozark Gateway Association of REALTORS® (MO)
phone: 417-782-6161

Dan Douglas (GAD)
phone: 937-223-0900

Amy Fletcher (Dir. of Communications)
Long Island Board of REALTORS® (NY)

Pamela Frestdt, RCE (Chief Operating Officer)
West & Southeast REALTORS® of the Valley (AZ)
phone: 602-326-5326

Jenifer Grady
Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS® (TN)
phone: 615-254-7516

Margy Grant, RCE
Florida Association of REALTORS®

Meighan Harris, RCE
Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS® (FL)
phone: 239-992-6771

Dezmarie Hedrick (CEO)
Fresno Association of REALTORS® (CA)
phone: 559-490-6400

Kevin Juliano, RCE, CAE (Chief Growth Officer)
Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®
phone: 800-555-3390

Matthew Lafferty, RCE (Chief Operating Officer)
Delaware Association
phone: 302-734-4444

Peggy Missel, RCE
Midwest City Del City Moore Association of REALTORS® (OK)

Angela Phelps
Parkersburg Area Association of REALTORS® (WV)

Sarah Rayne, RCE (CEO)
Howard County Assn of REALTORS® (MD)
phone: 410-715-1437

Heather Wiedrich, RCE (AE)
Hometown Association of REALTORS® (IL)
phone: 815-899-3301

Allison Woodham, RCE
Baldwin REALTORS® (AL)

Work Group Rosters updated 3/14/2023


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