Association Executives Committee
AE YPN Work Group

Saturday, November 19, 2013
San Francisco, CA

Work Group Purpose

To provide idea sharing and networking opportunities for younger AEs through the AE YPN Meet- ups at the AE Institute, Midyear Meetings, and Annual Conference; to encourage and promote involvement and career development in the REALTOR® association management profession through recognition and education opportunities; and to serve as a resource for local and state association YPN chapters.

Meeting Activity

  • AE Leaders of Tomorrow Award -- The award, which recognizes exceptional accomplishments or serve by AE YPNs, was approved by the AEC in San Francisco and will be reviewed for implementation by the Recommendations & Recognition Advisory Board in May at the Midyear Meetings.
  • Outreach for REALTOR® Association Management -- The work group developed a graphic that depicts the ten essential services that the industry expects of REALTOR® association staff.  This information can serve as a guide in developing job descriptions and it can also be used to recruit new talent to the REALTOR® association.
    • Jarrod Grasso, RCE, CEO of New Jersey Association of REALTORS®, talked with the group about his career path with the REALTOR® association and his involvement in the Association Executive Committee that has culminated in being nominated as the 2014 AEC Vice Chair.
    • Jonathan Salk, Director of REALTOR® University, discussed how the AE YPN Work Group can team with their efforts to reach out to local schools and career fairs to promote a career in REALTOR® association management.  The AE YPN Work Group will focus on this in the year ahead.

Next Steps

Chair Clint Skutchan and Vice Chair Ryan Conrad look forward to continuing with these initiatives and taking on some new goals in 2014. The AE YPN Meet-Up will also continue in 2014 as an opportunity for YPN AEs to network and exchange information.

Work Group Members

Clint Skutchan, RCE, Chair
Ryan Conrad, RCE, CAE, Vice Chair
Wyndi Austin
Byron Bogaard
Melissa Bush
Kipp Cooper
Maranda DeSanto, RCE
Amanda Sue Eberson
Ellie Edwards
Mark Epstein
Aubray Erhardt
Amanda Erickson
Laura Haag
Theresa Hatton, RCE
Jessica Hickok
Barbara Matthopoulos
Josh Melton
Michaela Mitchell
Amanda Ornelas
Mike Valerino, RCE


Bill Martin, RCE

Staff Executives

Courtney Wilson

November 2013

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