Liaison:       Jarrod Grasso, RCE

Chair:          Travis Kessler, RCE, CAE

Vice Chair:  Gavin Blair, RCE

Committee Goals

Expected outcome of the following goals:

State association AEs are better informed to provide effective and comprehensive services to their constituencies. Key issues, trends and new initiative are presented and discussed among state association AEs. Allow the informal and open exchange of ideas on various issues addressed by state association executive officers.

Goal #1:

Provide information updates from NAR senior staff on NAR issues that impact REALTOR® associations.


Goal #2:

Increased awareness of the RCE designation and support from elected leaders.


Goal #3:

Provide state association AEs with the opportunity to engage in an open exchange of issues and future trends affecting the REALTOR® association in general and state associations in particular.


Impact on other committees?:

No impact or input from other committees is expected at this time.

Anticipated action by Executive Committee or Board of Directors?

No actions by the Executive Committee or Board of Directors are expected at this time.