Goal #1:

Facilitate open communication between the AEC and other NAR committees whose goals and activities may impact REALTOR® association policies, procedures, and management operations.

Expected Outcome:

AEC liaisons to NAR committees serve as the communication link between the AEC and other NAR committees. Liaisons ensure that issues discussed in the respective committees have the benefit of the AE perspective and that the AEC is apprised of issues being considered during and between NAR meetings, including issues that surface through on-line discussions and at local, state, and regional meetings. AEC leadership engages in communication with NAR officers to ensure that all levels of the organization coordinate efforts to best serve the members.


AEs were appointed to serve as liaisons to NAR committees, beginning with the 2016 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo. These liaisons are asked to keep the AEC informed of key issues that impact REALTOR® associations, and they are also expected to communicate information from the AEC to the respective committees for which they serve as a liaison.

One Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) member was appointed to the 2016 AEC and two CMLS members were appointed to the 2016 AE Institute Advisory Board in an effort to strengthen the collaborative efforts of both NAR and CMLS in the MLS community.

AEC leadership meets with the NAR officers at a regularly scheduled time during the national meetings to keep them abreast of issue developments.

Goal #2

Review the Organizational Alignment Core Standards policy and determine whether enhancements to the policy or to the compliance certification process should be recommended to the Board of Directors beginning with the third Core Standards cycle.

Expected Outcome:

The AEC Core Standards Work Group will submit a report and accompanying legislative style amendments to the Organizational Alignment Core Standards policy and appeal hearing process to the AEC during the May 2016 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings. If approved by the AEC, the amendments will be recommended to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.


The AEC Core Standards Work Group submitted recommendations for changes to the Organizational Alignment Core Standards policy and appeal hearing process to the AEC during the May 2016 Legislative Meetings. The recommendations were approved by the AEC, the Executive Committee, and Board of Directors and are effective with the third Core Standards Compliance cycle, beginning July 1, 2016.

Goal #3

Review NAR’s online HR Toolkit and make recommendations for new and updated content.

Expected Outcome:

Local and state associations will have access to information and resources to assist them on issues regarding their staff HR operations as well as issues impacting their own professional career growth and development.


The HR Issues Toolkit Work Group reviewed all of the HR Toolkit components that are currently posted on nar.realtor. The work group will review a prototype of the updated toolkit, which will also include a section for volunteer leaders. The toolkit will launch soon after the November meetings.

Goal #4

Identify standards of excellence best practices that REALTOR® associations may aspire to as they strive to reach beyond the Core Standards.

Expected Outcome:

Association staff and volunteer leaders can benefit from a compilation of best practices and examples featuring programs and activities that associations have implemented to raise the bar beyond compliance with the Core Standards.


The AEC Raise the Bar Work Group met in three breakout teams to explore the following options:

  • Certificate of Excellence Team -- To create a model in which associations are recognized in various levels of excellence for their performance in various areas of association management.
  • Game Changers Team -- To create a game changer program model (separate from the REALTOR® Party Game Changers program) that recognizes associations for a particular program or initiative.
  • Idea Sharing Platform Team -- To identify plans for a best practices platform whereby associations can showcase association management ideas and initiatives and share them with other associations.

The work group met via web conference in October and agreed that staff can pursue the idea sharing platform proposal through the existing RARE database. Members considered the other two proposals and voted to present the Certificate of Excellence proposal to the AEC in November. Staff will be asked to prepare a budget for Finance Committee review and approval in March, and then the proposal and budget will be presented to the AEC during the 2017 May meetings in DC. And if approved by the AEC, the proposal will be submitted to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Goal #5

To review the latest REALTOR® association industry issues and trends reports and create a dialogue on how associations can consider these issues in their planning so they can proactively address some of the challenges facing associations.

Expected Outcome:

Association staff and volunteer leaders will have some guidance on how to best use the information in the latest AEC strategic issues report to have the greatest impact on their planning


The AEC Issues Analysis Work Group reviewed and shared initial observations of the newly released AEC strategic issues report, “Unleashing the Power of Real Estate Data.” The work group met in teams during the summer months to address the following components of the report:

  • Data Analytics and Concept of Home
  • Value of Millennials and On Demand Economy
  • Housing Trends and Broker Trends and Agent Trends
  • Technology Trends and MLS Trends.

The work group will review the teams’ output in November and make recommendations to share information that may assist associations in addressing some of the industry challenges.

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