Past, Present and Future

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Looking for a way to engage past presidents? Do it with food, make it fun and seek advice.

Events that bring past presidents together with current leadership teams benefit both groups: Current leaders get a chance to provide an association update, while past presidents get an opportunity to offer advice and support based on their experience.

“It’s a way for those who were dedicated and passionate about serving at the highest level to remain feeling like a valued member—not feeling like they are done, gone from the board, and no one cares about their service anymore,” says Cindi Siggs, RCE, EPRO, CEO at Gallatin Association of REALTORS® in Montana, who organized an informal past presidents meeting at a former association and plans to launch Gallatin’s with the next incoming president.

Siggs and others say organizing such a meeting around a meal or cocktails can help facilitate informal but fruitful discussions between current and past leaders.

Mohawk Valley Association of REALTORS®, New York, hosts a luncheon, which it describes as an “open discussion,” solely for past presidents and its emeritus members.

Naples Area Board of REALTORS®, Florida, invites past presidents twice a year to a Q&A session, in April/May and September/October—“the right frequency to update them and get feedback, while not being overwhelming,” says Marty Manion, RCE, CAE, CEO.

Mobile Area Association of REALTORS®, Alabama, sends past presidents an invitation, via snail mail and email, to a breakfast at the beginning of each year. The event regularly attracts 20 to 25 attendees. “The current president says a few words, and then the past presidents tell stories, give advice and show encouragement for the current president,” says Stephanie Sharp White, RCE, CRB, who recently accepted a position as CEO of Arkansas REALTORS® Association. “It has been one of our best-received events.”



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