Advocacy Tools: Letters to Congress

Communications at internet speeds have relegated letters to the ashbin of history. So why does have a section dedicated to “Letters to Congress?”
1895 Postal Truck

Despite delivery at internet speed, NAR lobbyists and policy staff use letters to stake out NAR’s positions on issues debated by Congress and Congressional Committees.

Most letters describe NAR’s position on an issue, but many times the letters will reflect NAR’s position in a coalition of likeminded organizations.

Where do the letters go?

NAR sends letters to individual Members of Congress, Senate and House Committees. Typically, the letters outline NAR support or opposition to legislation or recommend changes to legislation.

When does NAR send a letter?

At any stage of the legislative process, when it is important to clearly inform Congress about NAR’s position on general issues or specific legislation, NAR will send a letter. Additionally, the letters serve as a historical record of the positions NAR has taken on issues and are one of the tools used to promote and protect the real estate industry.

Can you read NAR’s past letters?

Yes. NAR’s submitted letters are all public and easily searchable in our Federal Issues Tracker database.