Requesting an NAR Senior Vice President

To request that an NAR senior vice president (SVP) speak at your meeting or event, please complete and submit the NAR Senior Vice President Request form.

To insure that both the NAR Officers and senior management staff are able to attend as many state and regional meetings as possible, only one Officer and/or Senior Vice President will be scheduled to attend any state meeting; up to two Officers and/or Senior Vice Presidents will be scheduled to attend regional meetings.

NAR has implemented a new process for those wishing a senior vice president to attend their meeting and/or event. The online NAR Senior Vice President Request form should be used whenever an invitation is extended to a senior vice president. This form needs to be completed and submitted electronically. Remember, completion of this form does not guarantee that a senior vice president will attend your meeting and/or event. Please fill out a separate request for each event which requires senior vice president participation.

You must complete this form listing ALL of the meetings and activities you wish the Officer/Senior Vice President to attend when you initially submit your request. After the Officer/Senior Vice President has agreed to the visit no additional activities may be added to their itinerary. We're sorry, but no exceptions to this policy are permitted.

Upon Receipt of a Senior Vice President Request:

  • We will review your request.
  • We will provide written notification stating whether the requested senior vice president is available or not.
  • If the senior vice president is available, you will need to fill out further information on your request form. On confirmation, we will email you a link to your request form.

Planning Guidelines:

To assist you in this process, here are some important items you will need to know in order to complete the attached form.

  1. Contact Information
  2. Meeting Logistics

To expedite your request, complete the entire form.

Comments or questions regarding a request or the attached form should be directed to the executive assistant of the SVP being requested.

Janet Branton

Senior Vice President, Commercial & Global Services

Executive Assistant: Susan Young
Phone: 312-329-5970
Fax: 312-670-2960

Jerry Giovaniello

Senior Vice President Government Affairs & Chief Lobbyist

Executive Assistant: Lynda Keese
Phone: 202-383-1205
Fax: 202-383-7540

Matt Lombardi

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Events, and Alliances

Executive Assistant: Cherie Pollard
Phone: 312-329-8880
Fax: 312-254-3127

Donna Gland

Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Office Services

Executive Assistant: Tamara Fuller
Phone: 312-329-8219
Fax: 312-329-8178

Katie Johnson

Senior Vice President, Leadership Development, General Counsel

Executive Assistant: Aimee Nieves
Phone: 312-329-8271
Fax: 312-329-8256

Mark Lesswing

Senior Vice President and CTO

Senior Executive Assistant: Kathy Michaels
Phone: 312-329-8416

John Pierpoint

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Executive Assistant: Brenda Girven
Phone: 312-329-8251
Fax: 312-329-3299

Stephanie Singer

Senior Vice President, Communications

Executive Assistant: Carson Allen
Phone: 202-383-7515
Fax: 202-383-1231

Walt Witek

Senior Vice President, Community & Political Affairs

Executive Assistant: Kathleen LaMarre
Phone: 202-383-7560
Fax: 202-627-3011

Lawrence Yun

Chief Economist and Senior Vice President

Executive Assistant: Caroline Van Hollen
Phone: 202-383-1060
Fax: 202-383-1031


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