Donating Materials to the Archive

Donating Materials to the Archives


We welcome materials that tell the history of the Association. If your board has a booklet describing its founding, or if you have photographs or documents of historical value, please contact us. Our archivist will gladly discuss your contributions and answer your questions before accepting them into NAR's collection.

For a taste of the items we collect from the National staff, please see the list below.

The type of material that the Archives should receive from NAR Divisions or Departments include:

  • Committee meeting minutes – 2 copies
  • Directors meeting minutes – 2 copies
  • Press Releases – 1 copy
  • Directories – 2 copies
  • Brochures – 2 copies
  • Copies of Important Speeches – 1 copy
  • Handbooks – 2 copies
  • Policy and Procedures Manuals – 2 copies
  • Organization Charts – 1 copy
  • Pertinent News Clippings – 1 copy (original if possible)
  • Promotional Materials for Publications and Programs – 2 copies
  • Photographs – 3 copies, labeled witn subject(s) and dates and described
  • Publications (Monographs, Journals, Newsletters, Audio-visual materials) – 2 copies
  • Products - 2 copies
  • All-member direct mail pieces - 2 copies
  • Videos (i.e. REALTOR Rewards, Benefits Plus, New Member Orientation) - 2 copies

Other forms of materials containing information on prominent personalities, places and events, contests, awards, and statistics related to the Association should also be sent.

Please include a brief note identifying any materials sent, including any restrictions (i.e. confidential or staff use only) along with your name so we can contact you if we have questions.

Thank you!

Frederik Heller, Manager, Virtual Library & Archives
National Association of REALTORS®
Information Central
430 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611
1-800-874-6500 ext. 8361

*Any confidential or sensitive materials included in the archives collection will remain confidential and their access limited to appropriate persons only.