This document contains samples of letters and forms that an association’s professional standards administrator would complete and send to parties involved in an ethics matter. These materials serve as an example of the communications that likely will occur between the association and the parties during the processing of an ethics case. Associations are free to use the sample letters included in this packet as a starting template for its cases locally.

The sample utilizes a fictitious fact scenario for demonstrating how letters, forms, and a detailed written decision should be written. Prior to using any of these sample forms or letters, administrators should revise them, as reason and circumstances dictate. 

Also included in this chronological example of how a board/association receives, processes, and resolve an ethics complaint are sample letters to initiate the arbitration process. 

NOTE: The sample forms and letters contained herein might not be applicable to every situation, and will require careful review and application.

*This page was updated in March 2015 and was formerly Sample Chronological Ethics Complaint Documentation Processing.