Code of Ethics Materials for Existing Members

To assist associations of REALTORS® in helping their members meet the REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training requirement, the National Association of REALTORS® has developed the attached copyrighted training program. This program includes:

Note Concerning Modification of Materials and Attribution  

The materials offered on this page are copyrighted by and remain the property of the National Association of REALTORS®. Those utilizing materials from this collection are requested to provide attribution of ownership by including the National Association of REALTORS® copyright on any copies used locally. Note also that the materials offered here are to be used as-is and may not be modified (with the exception of formatting of the PowerPoint file for overhead projector display).

Presenters may supplement NAR’s works with additional training materials so long as those materials (1) are clearly identified with the author’s name, (2) are separated as addenda or supplements to NAR’s materials, and (3) are not offered or presented as NAR's materials.

Handout Materials

The following information is referenced in the Facilitator's Guide and may be used to supplement the program materials.

For more information, go to Ethics Training Resources.


Code of Ethics Training

All options below fulfill the requirement.

  • Continuing Education (CE)
  • FREE Course for Existing Members
  • FREE Course for New Members
  • Information for AEs

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Stylish color poster of the 2017 NAR Code of Ethics


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