The downturn in the real estate market caused many to question the value of home ownership.  But REALTORS® didn’t turn their back when others did. In fact, REALTORS® went above and beyond to ensure everyone understands that home ownership matters, and this is one of the key reasons the housing market is recovering today.  This is the true definition of a hero.

REALTORS® and their acts of kindness and generosity are as varied as REALTORS® themselves. From fighting foreclosures, to helping veterans find employment and housing, to helping neighborhoods stabilize, to helping communities rebuild after disasters, to keeping families together, these heroes represent the very best of what makes being a REALTOR® so vital to the recovery and durability of America’s communities.

Learn more about five inspiring REALTOR® heroes who represent the good works of REALTORS® everywhere. Click on a hero's name to watch his/her video story.

Bob Sorey

Mt. Juliet, Tenn.
Bob helps home owners in distress whether they are facing illness, job loss, foreclosure or in some instances, all of the above. Bob believes that when individuals are equipped with the proper knowledge, they can make the right decisions about their lives. He works upwards of 20 files at a time with distressed owners – many referred to him by other agents and attorneys with as simple a message as “Sent my friend Sally your number. Has problems. Please help her keep the house. “

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Ken Rosberg

Olathe, Kan.
When Ken turned 50 he created a bucket list of projects he wanted to accomplish in his life and one of those was to make a jazz record. After collaborating with other Kansas City jazz musicians and writing his own songs, Ken produced the CD “Jazz for Joplin: Just Follow Your Heart!” A majority of the proceeds go to the Joplin tornado victims to rebuild their homes and lives.

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Connie Johnson

Tampa, Fla.
Connie was the 2009 President of Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay (RTTB), an organization that repairs homes for those in need.  RTTB typically remodels or rebuilds some 30 homes a year. But Connie decided she could do even more and when she was president, RTTB remodeled a whopping 72 homes. Connie is also the 2012 president of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay so she understands that home owners cherish their four-legged family members too. During the real estate downturn, she helped families who were losing their homes to foreclosure find new shelter that would take them and dogs and cats.

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Wayne Curtis

Baltimore, Md.
Wayne Curtis has helped Baltimore city officials perform a public function—the revitalization of the central city.  In fact, he was tapped by Baltimore officials to sell vacant city-owned property, part of a growing realization among public officials that real estate practitioners can be partners in solving critical housing issues. 


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Nick Manis

Newark, N.J.
Nick is a co-founder and Member of the Board of Directors of The G.I. Go Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization that assists returning Veterans with their transition back to civilian life.  Nick cites his real estate background as critical in assisting Veterans facing foreclosure, looking for housing, understanding VA loans, and helping to prevent homelessness among Veterans. Through a partnership with Newark Mayor Cory Booker, they created a first-in-the-nation City Hall Veterans Center in Newark City Hall, providing the opportunity to reach thousands of veterans with their innovative approach to veterans’ services.

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