2018 NAR Strategic Priorities

Define measurable increases in professionalism

  • Define what can be measured in increasing professionalism
  • Further separate the REALTOR® from the real estate licensee in the consumer’s mind
  • Recognize those who seek out education and get involved in the industry
Real estate agent with couple in condo

Increase in influence in an uncertain legislative, regulatory and political environment

  • Get more members to understand the connection between getting involved in advocacy and sustaining their business
  • Further tap the power of the consumer in advocacy efforts
  • Start in influencing other issues that impact real estate, in areas like technology
  • Partner more with other organizations to broaden in influence
  • Continue our path of increasing homeownership percentages, preserving the tax incentives on real estate and preserving the federal guarantee on mortgages
Mid-adult man helps to register citizens to vote.

Take the management of real estate data to the next level

  • Competition and the demand for more data and analysis is forcing the management of real estate data to evolve
  • We must look at all the options – changing the business model, partnering, consolidating, etc.
  • Continue to educate the REALTOR® on how to interpret and communicate the data to strengthen the value proposition of the REALTOR® with consumers
Real Estate Data

Ensure the role of the REALTOR® is essential to the consumer

  • Consumers need a trusted advisor even as technology gives them access to more information
  • REALTORS® must be relevant before, during and after the transaction

Overarching concerns that exist are the ongoing struggle with governance and the sustainability of the association, real estate and our communities.