2018 Key Messages to Communicate

What’s Next

  • Are we ready for what’s next?
  • Are we focused on what’s next?
  • Do we know what is changing and coming up next in our business, association and industry?

There are places we need to be better

  • We can do a better job communicating with our members about relevant industry issues
  • We can do a better job expressing the value of belonging to our association
  • We need to do better explaining to the public why REALTORS® are essential to consumers

Respect for all

  • Respect for our local and state associations
  • Respect for the partnership opportunities
  • Respect for the diverse membership

We are the most powerful when we are unified

  • Unified around goals and visions
  • Unified among all our entities and partners
  • Unified around the future

It’s time to say, “Why not?”

  • We need to be impatient optimists
  • We can choose to do nothing or choose to be innovative
  • We need to come from a place of opportunity not fear
  • There are consequences of inaction

Embrace our new CEO

  • A new CEO brings new ideas
  • A new CEO brings a new vision
  • A new CEO brings new opportunities

Pride in being the best

  • Advocacy strengths
  • Investments and member benefits
  • Dedicated and committed membership

Change our Lexicon

  • We and Us
  • Are we committed to a sustainable future?
  • Lead and move forward