Working With Difficult Customers

Quick Takeaways

  • Prescreen your clients
  • Educate clients
  • Listen to your clients
  • Be decisive

Source: How to Deal with Difficult Real Estate Clients (Placester)

The experience of working with home buyers and sellers varies a great deal. Clients have different communication styles, personalities, concerns, and stress levels. Developing skills to cope with any type of client would be idyllic, however having the presence of mind to determine when a situation is more trouble than it’s worth is just as important.

There are strategies to manage expectations, de-escalate situations, and defuse tempers. Expectation management starts at the beginning, and clear communication goes a long way. Buying and selling homes is stressful for all parties involved, but your buyer or seller doesn’t go through this process as frequently, so listening, keeping emotions to a minimum, and being forthcoming with information will help smooth the experience. If you exhaust all the tools in your toolbox, consider parting ways with the client. Follow a guide on this process to protect yourself and your credibility if it comes to this.

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