Quick Takeaways

  • Wind energy was the source of about 10.2% f total US electricity generation in 2022.
  • Wind is a renewable energy source. Using wind to produce energy has fewer effects on the environment than many other sources.
  • Homeowners near wind farms continue to worry about the impact of wind farms on property values and the visual blight of turbines.

Source: Wind Explained (US Energy Information Administration, Apr. 2023)

Wind energy is a clean, sustainable way to create electricity to more than 46million homes in America. The growth of wind power, and wind farms both on land and offshore, has created questions and generated opposition because of the potential for impacts on property values. These resources include arguments in favor of wind farms, those opposed, and a plethora of research, from both government and academic resources, on how wind can be harnessed as a green energy generator.

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