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Legislation on Short Term Rentals

There has been a lot of press coverage of a new bill introduced in the House that deals with short-term rentals. The bill, H.R.4232 , the “Protecting Local Authority and Neighborhoods Act”, introduced by Rep. Case (D-HI), requires providers of short term rental listings (Air BNB, VRBO, etc) to ensure that the properties they list are rented in compliance with state and local law. The legislation has just been introduced, and faces a long process before it becomes law.

While a number of state and local associations have addressed this issue in their communities, NAR has no policy on short-term rentals, as we have members on both sides (those who argue private property rights and the ability to rent your own home as you see fit; and those who argue that these rentals disturb the residential flavor of neighborhoods and hurt quiet enjoyment). However, we do have some resources that outlines the options and issues surrounding short-term rental restrictions, which can be found at: https://realtorparty.realtor/state-local-issues/issues/short-term-rentals.html.

NAR Resources on Short Term Rental Restrictions