Showcase the expertise you bring as a REALTOR® by using the "That’s Who We R" marketing assets below. Use the logo on your business cards, hang the posters in your office, or place a banner ad on your website. (And make sure you’re using the assets properly by viewing the campaign style guide.)

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That's Who We R Campaign Logos

Horizontal Logos: 4001 x 707 pixels

Black Logo (PNG: 40 KB) | Navy Logo (PNG: 41 KB) 

Grey Logo (PNG: 40 KB) | Green Logo (PNG: 41 KB)

Blue Logo (PNG: 41 KB) | White Logo (PNG: 37 KB)

Vertical Logos: 3494 x 2251 pixels

Black Logo (PNG: 71 KB) | Navy Logo (PNG: 72 KB) 

Grey Logo (PNG: 71 KB) | Green Logo (PNG: 72 KB)

Blue Logo (PNG: 72 KB) | White Logo (PNG: 67 KB)


We Are All Stronger Together Billboard

Download (PNG: 188 KB)

We Are All Neighbors Now Billboard

Download PNG (184 KB)

Community, Community, Community Billboard

Download PNG (187 KB)


  • Share the microeconomics of buying a house with consumers.
    Download PDF (592 KB)
  • Promote the value of the MLS by contrasting our current system against a world without the MLS.
    Download PDF (592 KB)
  • See how real estate agents play many roles and add value to help guide clients through the complex transaction process.
    Download PDF (86 KB)
  • Review the different choices in commission models and the valuable roles agents play in helping buyers manage transactions.
    Download PDF (86 KB)


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Campaign Guide

That's Who We R Style Guide Cover

The That's Who We R style guide covers campaign elements such as colors, typography, usage rules, customization rules, and voice/tone.


Terms & Conditions

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