How Tax Reform Impacts Homeowners in Each State

Select a state from the dropdown to see how homeowners will be affected in the specific area.

State-by-state data on tax deductions, capital gains exemptions, and the impact on housing prices from the 2017 tax reform framework. Download your state's information below. 

Alabama (PDF 189KB) Alaska (PDF 189KB) Arizona (PDF 189KB)
Arkansas (PDF 189KB) California (PDF 189KB) Colorado (PDF 189KB)
Connecticut (PDF 189KB) Delaware (PDF 189KB) District of Columbia (PDF 189KB)
Florida (PDF 189KB) Georgia (PDF 189KB) Hawaii (PDF 189KB)
Idaho (PDF 189KB) Illinois (PDF 189KB) Indiana (PDF 189KB)
Iowa (PDF 189KB) Kansas (PDF 189KB) Kentucky (PDF 189KB)
Louisiana (PDF 189KB) Maine (PDF 189KB) Maryland (PDF 189KB)
Massachusetts (PDF 189KB) Michigan (PDF 189KB) Minnesota (PDF 189KB)
Mississippi (PDF 189KB) Missouri (PDF 189KB) Montana (PDF 189KB)
Nebraska (PDF 189KB) Nevada (PDF 189KB) New Hampshire (PDF 189KB)
New Jersey (PDF 189KB) New Mexico (PDF 189KB) New York (PDF 190KB)
North Carolina (PDF 189KB) North Dakota (PDF 189KB) Ohio (PDF 189KB)
Oklahoma (PDF 189KB) Oregon (PDF 189KB) Pennsylvania (PDF 189KB)
Rhode Island (PDF 189KB) South Carolina (PDF 189KB) South Dakota (PDF 190KB)
Tennessee (PDF 189KB) Texas (PDF 189KB) Utah (PDF 189KB)
Vermont (PDF 189KB) Virginia (PDF 189KB) Washington (PDF 190KB)
West Virginia (PDF 190KB Wisconsin (PDF 190KB) Wyoming (PDF 190KB)

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