Often used as a financing alternative, sale-leasebacks offer financially struggling companies access to cash to pay down debt and improve the bottom line. Find out how sale-leaseback transactions have helped the balance sheets of hotel, restaurant, retail, and other businesses.

What is a Sale-Leaseback


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Seller Benefits:

  • Converts equity into cash
  • Offers alternatives to conventional financing
  • Possibility of better financing
  • Improves balance sheet and credit standing
  • Avoids debt restrictions
  • Deterrent to corporate takeovers
  • Avoids usury limitation

Buyer Benefits:

  • Higher return rate
  • Predictable and secure return rate
  • Greater ease in handling a seller default
  • Avoid usury problems
  • Ownership of the reversion
  • Built-in tenant

Tax Considerations:

  • Deduction of rental payments
  • Timing gain and loss recognition
  • Capital gain-ordinary loss treatment

Source: Sale-Leaseback Solutions: Examine the Business and Tax Considerations of These Transactions (CCIM Institute)

About Sale-Leasebacks & Synthetic Leases 

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Advantages of Sale-Leasebacks

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Hotel & Restaurant Property Leasebacks


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Government Property Leasebacks

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Healthcare Property Leasebacks

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