In an effort to reduce the number of safety incidents that occur in the real estate industry, the REALTOR® Safety MLS Fields Work Group met to determine the strongest list of MLS Safety Fields to be considered for local MLS adoption to best ensure agent safety.

The REALTOR® Safety MLS Fields Work Group recommends the adoption of a checkbox for specific safety concerns with a Freeform Field for each of the following categories:

  • Vacant (if not currently available as a field in MLS)
  • No heat
  • Minimal or no exterior lighting
  • Minimal or no interior lighting
  • Remote/limited visibility from road
  • Electricity not on
  • Inconsistent cell service
  • Other

For more information, download the Putting REALTOR® Safety First: A Case for Modifying MLS Fields Standards to Increase REALTOR® Safety (PDF) White Paper Report.



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