Rob Nahigian

Signature Series Speakers' Bureau, FRICS, SIOR, CRE, MCR

Newton, MA

Speaker fee: $3,500
Course length: 4 hours but can be customized for less or more


Rob Nahigian is a Principal with Auburndale Realty Co. in Newton, Massachusetts and has 32 years in commercial/industrial real estate experience as an advisor, developer and broker. He has handled approximately $5 billion of real estate totaling 40 million square feet. His past clients include Berkshire Hathaway, Weyerhaeuser, Legg Mason, Archdiocese of Boston, Goldman Sachs/Archon Group, AT&T and Ryder Trucks. Rob served as the CRE New England Chapter President and National Editor-In-Chief and SIOR New England Chapter President and National Ed Chair. He is the 2009 CRE recipient of the "James Felt Creative Counseling Award" for the most outstanding achievement and ingenuity in a real estate counseling assignment in the U.S ; was awarded by Boston's Commercial Brokers Association 3 times as the "Real Estate Advisory Assignment of the Year"; "Industrial Deal of The Year"; "Distinguished Achievements in Commercial Leasing;" awarded 4 times by SIOR as "National Instructor of the Year" and named the MAR "2011 Massachusetts Real Estate Educator of the Year". He serves on the Advisory Board for a NYSE public investment firm; was appointed by the Governor to the MassDOT Real Estate Appraisal Review Board; and elected by the Mass. RE Licensing Board to its Ed Subcommittee. He is a faculty member of Boston University, MAR, SIOR, CoreNet Global and is on the coveted NAR Commercial Signature Series speaker's list and is a national speaker.

Rob holds commercial real estate accreditations of FRICS, SIOR, CRE and MCR. He has earned his BA from Lehigh University and a Masters in Urban Planning from Columbia University.

Course Descriptions

The Art of Negotiating Skills

The course identifies the 5 powerful phases of the negotiating process engaged in commercial lease or sales negotiations. The course unveils the critical steps prior to actual negotiating session for a "win-win" transaction, identifying alternative tactics and counter tactics employed and over 40 different strategies that can be used during a "heated" negotiation session. Learn to "win" be more revenue productive. If you want to gain a leading step on your competition and take your "game" to the next level then this powerful course is for you. Negotiation videos and mock negotiations will be included with a checklist of over 25 powerful point-counter point methods from the top commercial real estate negotiators.

Commercial Lease Document Analysis: From the Perspective of the Landlord, Broker and Tenant

This course provides an in-depth business analysis of a commercial lease. Various elements of office, industrial, and retail leases are defined and debated from the perspectives of landlords, tenants, and landlord/tenant brokers. Strategic business points are highlighted so that all parties can better interpret a commercial lease and focus on pertinent negotiating issues. This module highlights the more specific clauses that are issues for landlords and tenants and does not cover every clause. The course may use case studies. Students should expect to be highly engaged during class and participate in group presentations to evaluate the new "winners" in lease negotiations.

Developing a Build-To-Suit Pro Forma: How do developer's calculate a rental rate?

The presentation includes the development of a rental rate on a BTS and the development of a pro forma. A handout detailed proprietary checklist of definitions is given to attendees to include hard and soft costs, extensive financial analysis of commercial build-to-suits, developing a "break-even" rental rate analysis, the use of a DCR, calculating equity contribution and developing the first year rental rate for a prospective tenant. Case study is incorporated. Beneficial to landlord and corporate brokers as you will gain leverage in your lease negotiating position.

The New Era of Logistics and Supply Chain and the Impact on Tomorrow's Industrial Decisions: Connecting the Dots back to the Consumer

We will explore the current supply chain from Asia to the U.S. and then the new game changer in 2015 that may disrupt global supply chain routes. The program will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the 4 basic intermodal services (rail, air, trucking and shipping), unveil a recent tour of the top ports on the west and east coast, review logistic hubs, 3PLs, 4PLs and new warehouse production technological support (Kiva, cloud computing, bar coding, GPS). Finally, you will be given proprietary models of end-users used to select buildings and see what States may be the winners and losers. The industrial supply chain will be a different landscape in the next 2 years. If you are a landlord or tenant broker, you don't want to miss this seminar!

Enhancing Proposals, Presentations and Building Tours

The commercial broker will learn to increase his/her ability to "win" new assignments and increase commissions. The broker will learn to effectively diagnose and identify requirements of corporate tenants and landlords through a "needs assessment", create "winning" presentation proposals, and learn more powerful building tours to increase transaction probability.

Evolution of the Office Product

This course is designed for the seasoned office broker exploring future corporate changes affecting the design of office buildings and the corporate real estate decision-making process. We will uncover how office demand may be diminished in the next few years as corporate office modeling evolves and changes the way that business operates. This course reviews issues from the user or tenant's standpoint on how real estate affects the end-user's ability to be profitable.

Liquidity and Commercial Real Estate: Connecting the Dots to Back to the Future

This program will enhance the commercial real estate practitioner's skills and knowledge in positioning his/her client for the next upside in real estate. This recessionary market has become an extreme optimal strategic crux for investment acquisitions. There is a heavy statistical 5 phase review of variables from 20 years to now to understand the trends: The Fed Influence on Commercial Real Estate, the status of commercial loan defaults and supply/demand, past and present investor demands for real estate vs. alternative investments, the trend of capital and liquidity and the international impact. Deflation, inflation, interest rates and the Minsky Rage will lead to a forecast and conclusion. Discussions will pursue the cyclical nature of real estate and the "dirty" secrets of the last 4 down-cycles that will allow you to prosper.

Marketing and Negotiating Industrial and Commercial Real Estate

A result of this commercial marketing module, the new commercial broker shall be able to develop a commercial marketing plan using the indirect and direct approaches. The broker will also learn more effective methods of leasing space to enhance the client's objectives.

Overview Primer to Industrial Real Estate

The material exposes to the new commercial broker to an overview of industrial real estate so that the broker may diverse his/her opportunities, increase income opportunities, and offer the student an overview. The material raises some "red" flags so that the student can process a transaction in industrial real estate. (For the New Commercial Broker)

The Secrets of Wealth Building in the 21st Century and the New Frontier

The investment real estate professional will be exposed to the history of risk, yield and valuation that will assist an entrepreneur client in developing valuation, entrance and exit strategies for possible acquisition or disposition of income-producing properties. Investment risk will be discussed as it relates to driving returns with a historical break-down of returns to each asset class. Valuation creation will be discussed in detail as it relates to risk. Investment returns will be dissected as it relates to the 4 variables that comprise overall yields and its weighted balance with the "secrets" of the new frontier of commercial real estate investing.

Synergistic Sales Success

This module is geared for the new commercial real estate broker who is beginning to develop new business. The material will take the professional from the historical concept of selling to Socratic selling. The broker will learn to "think outside the box" in terms of differentiating his/herself to increase his/her income.

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