Richard Muhlebach

Signature Series Speakers' Bureau, CPM, CRE

Richard Muhlebach, LLC
Woodinville, WA


Speaker fee: $3,500 plus expenses
Course length: 3.5-4 hours


Richard Muhlebach, CPM, CRE, has 40 years experience leasing and managing commercial properties including high-rise office buildings, medical buildings, shopping centers and regional enclosed malls. He served as the Vice President of two California developers and the Vice President of Leasing for a Northwest developer. He created and served as the President of a northwest commercial leasing and property management firm for 19 years and sold the company to a national public real estate firm.

He co-authored 18 commercial real estate books, including “The Leasing Process: Landlord and Tenant Perspectives, Managing and Leasing Commercial Properties and Shopping Center Management and Leasing.” He authored over 100 articles including articles publishes in Asia and Europe.

Richard teaches for the University of Washington, the Commercial Brokers Association, NAR, and IREM. He lectures across the United States and in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Canada. He served as the president of the Washington State Commercial Association of Realtors and the national president of the Institute of Real Estate Management. He is a Counselor of Real Estate, Certified Property Manager, Senior Certified Shopping Center Manager and Real Property Administrator. Richard is a commercial broker, consultant, educator, and author.

Course Descriptions

Richard offers the following four seminars. Seminars can be developed from the topics and issues below to create a seminar tailored to the specific needs of the members of a state of local Association of Realtors.

Negotiating the Commercial Lease

A leasing agent can save its clients thousands of dollars by skillfully negotiating lease provisions. This seminar is a non-legal review and negotiations of dozens of lease provisions from both the landlord and tenant perspectives. Compromise solutions are presented that will meet the negotiation goals of both the landlord and tenant.

  1. Learn the difference between gross and net leases.
  2. Learn how to skillfully negotiate all the operating expense provisions.
  3. Learn how to negotiate provisions that are critical to the landlord and the tenants such as: options, exclusives, co-tenancy, cancellation, relocations, and many more.
  4. Understand seldom used provisions that can be costly to your clients such as: key money, favorite tenant and more.
  5. Understand the Green Lease.

Creating Value with Unique Leasing Opportunities

Learn how to generate additional income and enhance the value of your clients’ properties while generating commission income with the following unique leasing opportunities:

  1. Learn the step-by-step process to create and complete a Pad and Outlet Deal.
  2. Discover how to develop and implement a Temporary Tenant Leasing Program that will generate income until permanent tenants are found.
  3. Create a Unique Leasing Plan to enhance a property’s income and value while the property is 100% leased.
  4. Develop a strategy to Renew Leases while avoiding the two common and costly lease renewal mistakes.
  5. Create a unique leasing plan to improve the building's tenant mix, income and value.
  6. Learn how to save tenants in a down market by restructuring their lease.

Solving Difficult Leasing Challenges

Learn how to overcome challenges to completing lease deals and earn additional commissions.

  1. Learn how to overcome common deal killers.
  2. Learn how to be a deal maker
  3. Develop a list of information necessary to successfully lease an office building
  4. Develop a list of information necessary to successful lease a shopping center
  5. Learn how to reposition properties
  6. Learn the leasing agents role in repositioning properties
  7. Learn how to skillfully negotiate killer lease provisions
  8. Develop the techniques to accurately determine a building’s market rents

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate will provide the foundation a new commercial leasing agents needs to develop a successful commercial real estate practice. The following eight important topics and issue are discussed:

  1. Learn the 11 types of shopping centers, 3 types of retail properties, 5 types of office buildings and 9 types of industrial types.
  2. Develop an understanding of 33 important commercial real estate property terms.
  3. Understand the 4 important leasing documents; The Leasing Agreement, The Letter of Engagement, The Registration Letter and Agreement, and The Tenant’s Request for Lease Proposal.
  4. Commissions are full negotiable! Learn the different formulas for calculating commissions and paying commissions
  5. Discover how effective lease administration is essential to leasing a property.
  6. In addition to negotiating the base rent for the tenant or landlord, learn how the different bill back or pass through charges are determined and negotiated for shopping centers, office buildings and industrial properties. Easy to understand examples are provided.
  7. Discover the world of real estate resources that will assist you in being the best commercial real estate agent.
  8. Ethical practices are essential to developing a successful real estate practice. The ethical responsibilities of the players in a real estate transaction will be discussed and two self ethical tests will be presented that will guide you in every situation.

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