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NAR Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey (2007)
While most buyers purchase a home to use as their primary residence, a significant share also purchases vacation or investment properties. Because the purchase of a non-primary residence is often influenced by different factors than the purchase of a primary residence, it is important to understand how changes in the market environment affect each segment. The goal of the NAR Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey is to estimate the number of home sales that fall into each category and track how sales and prices in each vary over time. Purchase the NAR Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey.

Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers (2007)
Who are today's home buyers and sellers? Do they use the services of real estate professionals? What role does the Internet play? Purchase the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

Profile of Buyers' Home Feature Preferences (2007)
What do buyers want? Get the latest information on what home features buyers today are looking for and what they are willing to pay for them. While central air conditioning, master bedrooms on the main level, walk-in closets and hardwood floors remain important to home buyers, over-sized garages are the new big thing. Purchase the Profile of Buyer's Home Feature Preferences.

Member Profile (2007)
Who are REALTORS®? Get the latest information on their economic, demographic, education, tenure, agency relationship, and compensation. In addition, your organization will get an in-depth look at office affiliation, type of firm, and use of the Internet and technology. Purchase the Member Profile.

Profile of Real Estate Firms: An Industry Overview (2006)
This survey report is your organization's primary source for information on real estate firms. It provides a wealth of information on the productivity, technology use, marketing techniques, and business practices of the nation's real estate firms. Purchase the NAR Profile of Real Estate Firms.

Baby Boomers and Real Estate: Today and Tomorrow (2006)
Baby boomers have been a driving force in many areas of the economy, culture and consumer attitudes for several decades. As the oldest boomers approach retirement in the next few years, they will begin contemplating not just whether to retire, but also where they want to live in the next stage of their life. One big component of this decision is the housing choices that boomers will make as they decide whether to sell a home, relocate or invest in real estate. Purchase the NAR Baby Boomer Profile.

Why Rent When You Can Buy
Are your clients still on the fence about buying a home? Tell them what they need to know with NAR's newly revised brochure, which explains the benefits of homeownership as compared to renting. It is a great tool for marketing to first-time buyers. Mortgage interest deductions, mortgage principal accumulation, property tax deductions, and home appreciation are depicted in an easy-to-interpret format that strongly supports the decision to buy. Purchase the Why Rent brochure.

Commercial Member Profile (2005)
Commercial members of NAR have expertise in a wide variety of transactions and property types. 46% of commercial members derived 50% or more of their income from the sale of commercial real estate in 2004. The sale of commercial properties provided higher revenue than leasing transactions. This publication describes the business, demographic and information needs of commercial members. Purchase the Commercial Member Profile.

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