Veterans and Active Military Home Buyers and Sellers Profile

In the 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, for the first time recent buyers and sellers were asked the following in the questionnaire: “Are you or your spouse or partner currently: 1) an active-duty service member; 2) a veterans; or 3) neither.” Of all home buyers, 18 percent identified as veterans and three percent as active-military. Of all home sellers, 21 percent identified as veterans and one percent as active-military. Collecting the question allowed greater insight into how each population of buyers and sellers differs and is similar to those who have never served in the military.


  • 18% of veterans were first-time home buyers and 38% for active-service military.
  • Detached single-family homes continue to be the most common home type for all recent buyer types. 19% of veterans bought new homes as did 21% of active-servicea military.
  • The primary reason for the home purchase for active-service military was a job relocation at 33%. Veterans were more likely to want to be closer to friends and family (14%) and retirement (11%).
  • 85% of veterans and 86% of active-service military purchased their home through a real estate agent.

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