Experiences and Barriers of Prospective Home Buyers Across Races/Ethnicities

Key Takeaways

Cover of the Experiences & Barriers of Prospective Home Buyers Across Races/Ethnicities report

The real estate market is the main barrier prospective homebuyers are experiencing.

Prospective homebuyers across races/ethnicities tested have not yet bought a house mainly because they are waiting for prices to drop. Additional reasons cited are also market-related, such as waiting for mortgage rates to drop.

Saving for a house down payment is also an obstacle for prospective homebuyers.

In thinking about what is holding them back from saving for a sufficient down payment, prospective homebuyers across races/ethnicities tested cite current rent/mortgage payments and credit card payments as barriers. Despite this, awareness of existing down payment assistance programs is low.

Discrimination also plays a role in the homebuying process.

About one in six prospective homebuyers across races/ethnicities report facing discrimination in the homebuying process. More than half of Black (63%), Asian (60%), and Hispanic (52%) who report this say it was due to their race/ethnicity. Despite this, most discrimination during the homebuying process goes unreported.

Topics Covered in the Report

  • Homebuying Status and Preferences
  • Common Homebuying Barriers
  • Experiences with Home Loans
  • Experiences with Down Payment Assistance Programs
  • Experiences with Discrimination

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