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Expectations and Market Realities in Real Estate

February 4, 2016



As 2016 gets underway, there has been a definite slowdown in the velocity of commercial real estate sales volume, per Real Capital Analytics. We expect commercial real estate to take on more of a defensive role in this environment, and as values and prices begin to level off, investors will likely benefit from it being a hard asset, as well as from its strong income flow, especially if long-term interest rates and 10-year Treasury rates remain low, as expected.

With respect to investment, it is always difficult to separate market realities from the “noise” in the market. However, it appears that we are entering a new phase of the cycle, and while we do not yet know what all the ripple effects of the economic and capital market chaos will be, investors should pay strong attention to the possible risks. Our goal is to help you do just that in Expectations & Market Realities in Real Estate 2016—Navigating Through The Crosscurrents.

This report gives commercial investors the information they need to make forward-looking changes to the way they approach today's market, focusing on:

  • Economic outlook
  • Capital markets
  • Highlights and expectations for the five major property sector markets
    • office
    • industrial
    • retail
    • apartment
    • hotel
  • Collective analysis of the commercial investment environment

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