REALTORS® Federal Credit Union (RFCU)

On Friday, June 8, 2018, members of the REALTORS® Federal Credit Union (RFCU) received a notification email that effective Tuesday, June 12, REALTORS® Federal Credit Union will no longer be in operation, and the National Association of REALTORS® understands that it has caused confusion for credit union members.

This email was sent directly from Northwest Federal Credit Union (NWFCU); the National Association of REALTORS® was not aware of this communication before it was sent.

For the past six years, REALTORS® FCU has operated as a division of Northwest Federal Credit Union; NWFCU has announced that it is terminating its banking services and credit card agreements with NAR and will no longer operate REALTORS® Federal Credit Union. 

Because of NWFCU’s actions there will no longer be any affiliation between NAR and Northwest Federal Credit Union nor with the banking and credit card services NWFCU offers. Additionally, the license to operate under the REALTOR® trademark has ceased.

NAR is greatly disappointed with NWFCU’s move to terminate its agreements and that it will no longer honor its commitment to the association and members.

What Does This Mean for REALTOR® FCU Members?

  • Existing REALTORS'® FCU accounts will automatically convert to NWFCU accounts.
  • Customers will experience no interruption in the servicing of their accounts.
  • Account numbers, user IDs, passwords, and pins, will remain the same, as will other services, such as branch locations. 
  • All communication and future material regarding your account(s) will now come from NWFCU. 

Existing account holders should contact NWFCU directly with their inquiries and to ask about any new terms or conditions of their accounts going forward.

NWFCU Service Center: 866-295-6038.

What’s Next?

NAR remains focused on our members and ensuring they have a variety of personal and professional resources available to help them achieve their business and financial goals.