C2EX Endorsed 2022 Pin

The National Association of REALTORS® is pleased to announce that we will mail C2EX pins to local associations in early 2022 for you to distribute to your C2EX Endorsed Members in 2022. These pins will arrive in the same shipment as your 2022 NAR new member REALTOR® pins.

The deadline to order complimentary 2022 Pins has passed. If you need additional pins, please purchase them from the REALTOR Team Store®, part of the REALTOR Benefits® program.

2023 Pins orders will open in Fall 2022.

Please note: Pins from 2018-2021 and additional 2022 pins can be ordered from the REALTOR Team Store®, part of the REALTOR Benefits® program.

Not Sure How Many Pins to Order?

To estimate how many pins you might need, pull an Endorsement list from the platform. The Endorsement list will tell you how many Endorsed REALTORS® are currently in your association, and what year they earned their C2EX Endorsement. With this knowledge, use the Endorsement list to estimate how many of your members might need a 2022 Pin. Here’s how to pull the list:

  1. Clear your cache and log into the platform online at C2EX.realtor (FYI – C2EX.realtor has a universal login; use the same login and password as NAR.realtor).
  2. Go to the compressed icon menu (on the left-hand side of the screen, it looks like 3 stacked horizontal lines).
  3. Hit the “Member Admin” button under that menu, and select “Reports”.
  4. Have a look at the report named “Endorsement”. Only people who are C2EX Endorsed in your association appear in this report.
  5. If you are having trouble pulling up the roster, check in with other folks on your staff. They should be able to pull up the roster under their own login and password.

You can also view the association admin guide on NAR.realtor/C2EX. Please let us know if you have any additional questions by calling us at 888-299-9669 or emailing C2EX@NAR.realtor.