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NAR's REALTOR® Content Resource (RCR) offers free, original home ownership content you can use in your consumer communications. Add expert articles about home ownership, buying, and selling to your marketing efforts, and continue the conversation with clients long after the sale.

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Using the REALTOR® Content Resource

What are the benefits to my business?

RCR provides hundreds of articles on topics like home buying and selling, home improvement, maintenance, taxes, insurance, and community issues. Sharing these articles with past, present, and future clients can help keep you top of mind as a trusted adviser.

The articles come from, NAR’s award-winning homeownership site, and are written by journalists who regularly cover the home industry, personal finance, taxes, and real estate. The HouseLogic team creates new content that helps consumers maintain, enhance, and protect the value of their homes.

Ways to share REALTOR® Content Resource articles

Share RCR articles in any of your communications channels:

  • e-newsletters
  • blogs
  • websites
  • handouts
  • listing presentations
  • Facebook, Twitter, and other social media

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Examples of RCR content

  • Making your home more energy efficient
  • Tips for a stress-free closing
  • Steps to take before buying a home
  • Which home improvements return the greatest value at resale
  • Home maintenance tips for every season
  • Appliance buying guides
  • How to build vibrant communities
  • Collecting home owner's association dues
  • Cleaning up gardens for fall and winter

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