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NAR Member Exclusive! Protect your real estate business with a customized and comprehensive cyber liability insurance program created for REALTOR®-owned brokerages. Designed to meet the unique needs of real estate professionals, you have access to preparedness tools, premium discounts, and specialized coverage, with support to help quickly restore your business if a cyber attack or fraud occurs. This coverage extends beyond the broker to include clients and is unique to this program.

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Boost Your Cybersecurity Awareness

Ensuring your business systems are cybersecure is critically important. In these brief articles, CyberPolicy offers advice to help you understand your role and how to manage potential pitfalls:

In this brief "Pivot in Place" video, NAR Associate Counsel Deanne Rymarowicz offers best practices for thwarting online attacks. “We must use virtual tools safely, and that means that cyber protection cannot be an afterthought,” Rymarowicz says.

Who: Compare, quote, and buy cyber liability insurance from a selection of first-class carriers through CyberPolicy®'s entirely paperless quoting and binding process. CyberPolicy has partnered with NAR to create a customized and comprehensive cyber liability insurance program for REALTOR®-owned brokerages that addresses the unique demands of the real estate industry.

Why: Malware, hacks, and data loss are very real threats in the real estate industry where high value transactions and sensitive customer information are a prime target for hackers.

What: NAR members have access to a customized cyber liability insurance program. Receive discounts on monthly premiums, higher coverage limits for phishing scams that target clients and other cyber crimes, no retroactive dates, plus much more. Members also get support to quickly restore business operations should a cyber attack or fraudulent act occur.

How: Begin the process online at or call CyberPolicy at 855-961-0069 for a personal consultation and to review full coverage details. Be sure to mention your NAR membership when you speak with an advisor.

When you complete the quote process online, you will receive a quote that can be completed online, or you will be guided to contact CyberPolicy to finish. CyberPolicy representatives will also respond via phone and email to discuss policy options.

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Key Program Features

  • Member exclusive discounts on monthly premiums. 
  • Higher coverage limits than traditional cyber liability policies.
  • First-party (you) and third-party (the client) coverage for actual financial losses. Covering your client’s financial losses due to a breach of your email is unique to CyberPolicy.
    • What does this mean? In scenarios involving a hacker impersonating a broker or agent sending false wiring instructions to a buyer, the insurance will cover reimbursement of the client’s monetary losses.
  • Coverage includes independent contractors: agents working under your brokerage are automatically insured
  • Coverage in violation allegations of CAN-SPAM and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“Do Not Call/Text”)
  • No retroactive dates
    • What does this mean? Viruses or malicious code can be inactive for months before causing actual damage. Other policies with a retroactive date can deny coverage when it’s proven that a piece of malware infected a computer system before a specific date, even though the malware was activated and caused damage during the policy period.
  • And more!

Contact CyberPolicy for complete program details.

Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

When you work with a CyberPolicy advisor, they will guide you through the Cyber Checkup™, to help determine cyber exposures that may impact security.

In the event that a data breach occurs, carriers will work with you to restore operations and get you back to business.

In the first 24-48 hours: Get immediate support

  • Legal support to provide you through the breach
  • IT forensics specialists to analyze the attack
  • Data recovery experts to restore data

In the next few months: Restore operations and repair reputation

  • PR specialists to salvage your professional reputation
  • Recoup lost income if your operations are interrupted
  • Credit monitoring for your impacted customers

Your future: Get back to business

  • Ongoing legal defense and payments for legal fees
  • Reimbursements for lawsuits, settlements and fines
  • Receive cybersecurity plan to prevent future hacks


Cyber insurance is a supplemental risk mitigation tool to be used in conjunction with other data security measures and risk management tools.

About CyberPolicy

CyberPolicy serves as Managing General Agency, quoting and binding coverage for select carriers via its proprietary digital platform. It is a subsidiary of CoverHound, founded in 2010 and backed by Chubb, American Family Ventures, RRE Ventures, Blumberg Capital.

This program is available to REALTORS® residing in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. The program is not available in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Guam. Those with title or escrow business ineligible. Program availability and eligibility requirements may vary. See partner website for details, terms and conditions.