Short Term Medical Solutions

Housed within the REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace, Temporary (Short Term) Health Insurance plans are available to NAR members, via the Major Medical Health Insurance Exchange. This exchange is a ‘one-stop’ shopping site.

Using the latest technology, members can research temporary health insurance information, obtain a quote, and purchase directly online. Temporary Health Insurance (a.k.a. Short Term medical insurance) is designed to be an affordable medical policy which can last from 30 days to 3 months.

Association Health Plans

NAR is currently researching the challenges and opportunities for association health plans. Other health plan options, available through REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace, may help members in today's current environment. Contact REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace for consultative assistance and plan options.

Benefits and Highlights

  • Designed to cover gaps in coverage between longer-term policies
  • Typically cheaper than traditional individual major medical plans
  • Qualification for coverage involves only a small number of questions
  • Policies can generally be issued quickly (based on approval)
  • Next day coverage available
  • Policies are available for a specific number of days of coverage or you can choose a monthly payment option (30 days to 3 months)
  • Many plan designs are available (many deductible and coinsurance options from which to choose)
  • Freedom to choose any provider (any doctor, hospital, specialty)
  • See SASid website for full terms and conditions

Temporary Health Insurance plans are great for those:

  • Who do not have any insurance and want coverage quickly
  • Between jobs or laid off
  • Recent college graduate
  • COBRA insurance alternative
  • Waiting for other insurance coverage to be approved (underwritten, group coverage)
  • Temporary or Seasonal employee
  • Self Employed or Small Business

Note: Smart Short Term Medical plans are not major medical policies and do not meet the mandated coverage necessary to avoid penalty under the Affordable Care Act.


NAR Members with a valid NRDS ID can view Temporary plan information and obtain a quote through the REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace. Where applicable, family members may be added to plans. See site for product availability.

Terms, conditions, and limitations apply*, based on state insurance laws, individual eligibility, and age requirements.

* Please note: This plan does not provide benefits for pre-existing conditions, work related conditions, and preventive care. If you or a dependent have an existing health condition, you may want to consult with your independent insurance agent prior to applying for or changing health/medical insurance. Insurance fraud is a crime. Any person who, with intent to defraud or knowingly facilitates a fraud against an insurer, submits an application or files a claim containing false, deceptive and/or incomplete information is subject to civil and criminal prosecution.

This plan is designed to protect you in the event of an illness or injury and is not meant to cover routine exams and preventive care. Short Term Medical is for temporary coverage only and therefore does not include some of the benefits a permanent health plan offers. Please consult with SASid for full limits, restrictions and exclusions, including information on pre-certification requirements.

How to Obtain This Offer

Please have your NRDS ID number handy in order to view rates.

  • Access Temporary health insurance through the REALTORS® Insurance
  • To learn more about your options via phone – please call 1-877-267-3752. SASid understand the unique needs of REALTORS® and is pleased to provide a consultation service. Phone agents are available to answer all health insurance questions, and to help members choose the best insurance options for their needs.
  • REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace requires a NRDS ID. If you do not know your NRDS number, you may look it up here.

Consultative Advice and Assistance

SASid representatives are available to personally consult and advise you on your individual insurance needs. They can help you navigate the healthcare insurance landscape and identify the products and plans that best suit the financial considerations and healthcare needs of yourself and your family.

About SASid

Smart And Simple Insurance Development (SASid) is the long-term and trusted partner responsible for creating and managing NAR’s other health insurance and wellness products, REALTORS® Core Health Insurance, REALTORS® Dental, and Drug Card America. They develop technologies and online insurance products for top insurance carriers and nationwide distribution networks.

Founded in 1999 by insurance professionals who have a passion to make insurance programs more simple and smart, SASid has been a leader and innovator in developing and marketing insurance on the web. SASid is located in Janesville, Wisconsin.

To Learn More

For all products, please visit or call 1-877-267-3752.


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